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Q: What is Mediadodo?

A: Mediadodo is an online marketplace for media buying and selling. It’s a place for media professionals to connect. From out-of-home advertising to signage and printing, Mediadodo brings the entire media planning and buying process under one digital roof.

Q: Who is Mediadodo for?

A: Mediadodo is the go-to-tool for professionals in the media industry. Those looking to sell advertising space or any kind of signage and/or printing production, will find that Mediadodo is the perfect aid to their business. Anyone looking to buy or sell media will benefit from the platform that continues to raise the standard of excellence. You can see some of the brands you’ve trusted media listings posted on Mediadodo here.

Q: How does Mediadodo help?

A: Mediadodo works by connecting media sellers with media buyers. The aim is to continue to expand the network, while always maintaining a market lead in terms of innovative technologies that assist both buyers and suppliers. When a media supplier lists their products and/or services on Mediadodo, they get promoted to the network of buyers, and in particular, those who are most likely to be in need and purchase that specific media that was listed. Mediadodo takes out the guess work and much of the time that is normally spent on qualifying the other party. Visit our homepage to see a few of the benefits available on Mediadodo.

Q: How much does Mediadodo cost?

A: Mediadodo is FREE to sign up for, and only takes a minute to get set-up. You can create your account here. Once you’ve created an account, you can browse and post and compare as much as you’d like. For buyers, the platform remains free throughout, while sellers/suppliers will only have to pay to respond to the leads that they choose to. Before paying any credits to reply, suppliers will have a look at all the enquiry details, so that they will not waste any additional money on leads that don’t convert to closed sales in the end.

Q: What can I find on Mediadodo?

A: You will find the largest collection of media found in the region, all in one easy to browse online marketplace. Everything from outdoor advertising, to business cards, custom t-shirts, and 3D signage; Mediadodo is the place to find any form of media you can imagine. You will find traditional media forms like out-of-home billboards and posters, and you will also find LED screens and creative signage suppliers. From advertising spaces, to signage suppliers, and full-scale print presses; Mediadodo’s network of media suppliers has you covered.

Q: I’m a media supplier, can I post on Mediadodo?

A: Of course you can post on Mediadodo. Once you’ve created an account, just click on +Media and you can begin right away. If you haven’t yet created a profile, you can set yours up within minutes here.